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REVIEW: Beckford's Rum and Caramel Spirit Drink

We have been eagerly awaiting our arrival of one of Crafty Wolf's Bottles of Beckford's Rum.

“Back in Regency Britain rum and toffee were two of the nation’s favourite treats, enjoyed by all classes. This long-forgotten recipe combines these two delicious flavours, which both originate from the same plant, into a taste sensation! To be enjoyed simply over ice, or ice cream, or mixing into your new favourite cocktail nothing comes close “

It was a difficult decision to choose between such tempting flavours such as: Black Pearl Spiced Rum, Rum and Spiced Caramel, White Pearl Rum and Coconut, to Pirates Grog and Cloven Hoof, to name just a few. 

The bottles come in a range of sizes and are carefully wrapped and delivered. The bottles are distinctively beautiful and ooze elegance and style, they are truly a beautiful gift or a lovely treat for your home.

Their signature flavour, Beckford's Rum and Caramel beverage has a rich alluring golden nectar colour and at 25% alcohol volume it is just right. 

On opening the aroma of caramel rises from the bottle leaving you in anticipation to taste. 

The spirit is delicious, with a smooth, rich smoky taste and lingers on the pallet creating a yearning for more. This is the best rum spirit I have ever tasted. It's truly delectable. 

Beckford's have excelled! We will definitely be ordering more for our festivities and as beautiful gifts for the most discerning palate.

Find out more about Crafty Wolf's Beckford's Rum by visiting They also have FREE delivery on all of their Beckford's Rum bottles, check this out NOW!

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