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Eating Challenges in Manchester

Who's up for a Man-chester v Food challenge? (See what we did there). We've put together a belly-busting guide of our favourite food challenges available in Manchester.

From dozens of dogs to piles of pizza, are you brave enough to take on one of the city's epic eating challenges?

If you’re hungry for victory - and think you have what it takes, find out how to get involved below...

Morley Cheek's

Name: The Cheeky Pizza Challenge

Price: £20.00

The Challenge: Munch your way through a massive 18" gourmet pizza and large milkshake. 

The Meal: Choose from pizza options including the Pulled Pork Pile Up, Big Mama's Jerk and Beat the Meat. 

The Prize: Your meal for free and your picture on the wall of fame.

Time Limit: 45 minutes. 

Difficulty: **

Infamous Diner

Name: 21 Pancake Challenge

Price: £25.00

The Challenge: 30 minutes to eat all 21 pancakes. 

The Meal: Seven stacks of pancakes topped with banana and toffee, blueberry compote, candy bacon, chocolate chip cookie ice cream, whipped maple butter, strawberry compote and nutella.

The Prize: Your pancakes for free, a T-shirt, pin badge, and your name on the wall of fame.

Time Limit: 30 minutes. 

Difficulty: **

Royal Sovereign

Name: Flaming Challenge Burger

Price: £9.99

The Challenge: Clear the plate

The Meal: On a brioche bun, you’ll find 4 flame-grilled 6oz beef burgers, southern fried chicken fillet, BBQ pulled pork, cheese, bacon and onions. Topped with onion rings and with a heap of skinny fries!

The Prize: Your name and picture on the wall of fame, where challengers are ranked from fastest to slowest.

Time Limit: As fast as you can. 

Difficulty: *

Shooters Sports Bar

Name: Metre Long Hotdog Challenge

Price: £25.00

The Challenge: Clear the plate in 20 minutes

The Meal: 4 smoked hotdogs, tomato, red onion, cheese, ketchup and mustard all in a 1 metre baguette with fries.

The Prize: Your meal for free and a place on the Man Vs Food leaderboard.

Time Limit: 20 minutes

Difficulty: ***


Name: Monster Mega Breakfast

Price: £10

The Challenge: Finish the breakfast.

The Meal: 4 sausages, 4 pieces of bacon, eggs, 4 rounds of toast, 2 hash browns, 2 black puddings, 2 spams, beans, tomatoes, mushrooms and a tea or coffee.

The Prize: The first person to finish it gets a free breakfast (like you’ll ever want to see one again) and a T-shirt.

Time Limit: No time limit.

Difficulty: **

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