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Advertising: Social Media

It's a tweet-eat-tweet world out there and although so many brands are attempting to utilise social media to further their business, are they really doing it correctly?

Social media marketing is a phenomenon that is growing exponentially, and businesses with a decent presence have a superb opportunity to actively build brand awareness and effectively manage their reputation.

We have seized this opportunity and developed a number of social media marketing training packages and optimisation sessions to help you either begin to dip your toes in the social waters, or further develop your strategy.

You may consider yourself to have a decent amount of experience in social media, and are looking for ways to improve your tactics; or it could be that for the last couple of years you’ve been convinced that Twitter was a medical condition – either way, we have the skills, expertise and patience to give you the guidance you require.

Check out our social media rate card, and if you wish to discuss it further, please call us on 01793 232528 or email

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