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Food entrepreneur Julianne Ponan launches her innovative low sugar allergy free ‘Gnawbles’ into John Lewis’s flagship Oxford Street store in London

Food entrepreneur Julianne Ponan has launched her company’s latest product, Gnawbles, into John Lewis food hall in Oxford Street. It’s the first-to-market allergy free sweet treat of its kind.

The product was introduced into John Lewis in Oxford Street, London this week and includes two new flavours going live today. 

Julianne, aged 30, who lives in Waltham on Thames, said: “This is a milestone moment for me and my team. Customers of John Lewis’ foodhall at their flagship store will now be introduced to our allergy-free products which are safe to eat for anyone including those who suffer from food allergy or intolerance – like me. 

“We would like to thank John Lewis for embracing our brand. This is another step along the road for my company’s growth.”

Gnawbles are ‘nibbles’ similar in size to other brand names such as Maltesers, Crispy M&Ms or Digestive Nibbles. However Gnawbles which contain up to 43 per cent less sugar than similar products and are free from the top 14 food allergens. Currently there are two flavours: Brilliant Orange Cacao and Super Salted Caramel. Even the packaging for the Gnawbles is fully recyclable. Today, Creative Nature is launching its two new flavours – Cheeky Choc Hazelnot and Creamy Mylk Chocolate. (correct spelling)

Creative Nature has its HQ in West Molesey and is already established in the ‘free from’ food sector. In 2018 the company won the title of UK Small Business of the Year and Gnawbles have already won a UK Quality Food Award within weeks of launch.  

The vision of Creative Nature came when Julianne was just 22 and she took over a failing company. Originally creating recipes from her kitchen at home she transformed the company into a food brand catering for people like her. Julianne has anaphylaxis and is allergic to multiple ingredients including all nuts, sesame seeds, chickpeas. She was fed up of not being able to buy safe snacks and created her own. Now she shares them through her company across the UK and the world. 

For more information on Gnawbles and the rest of Creative Nature’s products visit

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