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Where to Work Remotely - Deansgate

Looking for somewhere to work from for a few hours in Deansgate? Finding the perfect café to make your base can sometimes be much harder than anticipated. If you’re planning on working outside the confines of your office, take a look over a few of our favourites...



Wi-Fi: Free, fast and reliable

About: Spacious and airy, with a friendly vibe - tables towards the back, behind the bookcase are perfect for working at. Running out of juice? No problem, there are plenty of places to sit down and charge.     

Open From: 6.30am

Address: Quay Street, Manchester, M3 3HN

Telephone: 0161 834 0984

Caffe Nero

Caffe Nero

Wi-Fi: Free and secure

About: With plenty of food and drink options, tons of seats, and a solid Wi-Fi connection, Caffe Nero is a great place to park yourself for an afternoon of work. The best part it, you can stay and work for as long as you like, without any pressure to leave. 

Open From: 6.30am

Address: 133 Deansgate, Manchester, M3 3WR

Telephone: 0161 833 0844

Pret a Manger

Pret a Manger

Wi-Fi: Free and easy to connect

About: It’s probably best to avoid this place at lunchtimes, but before and after it’s a handy spot to catch up on emails, enjoy a hot snack and sip Americanos. If you're planning on spending more than an hour here, locating a power socket can be tricky. 

Open From: 7.00am

Address: 79-81 Deansgate, Manchester, M3 2BW

Telephone: 01618328292

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