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TRX for Runners

We spoke to TRX Master Trainer, Matt Gleed, and asked him for his top five TRX exercises that will help to improve your fitness.

1.  TRX Lunge

This exercise challenges stability in the foot, ankle and knee as well as improving overall balance whilst working the calfs, hamstrings, thighs and glutes. 

2.  TRX Abducted Lunge

Not only does this lunge ensure that you strengthen and stretch the abductors and groins; the thigh, glutes and hamstrings of the standing leg are also working pretty hard as well.

3.  TRX Front Squat

A great exercise for the thighs and glutes that will help you generate more power.

4.  TRX Sprinter’s Start

Similar to the TRX Front Squat in that it’s a great dynamic exercise to help generate power.  However, as you extend onto the one leg, your balance and core strength will also be tested to the max.

5.  TRX Crossover Lunge

An excellent exercise to really work those glutes.  If you do this correctly, I guarantee you’ll feel it the next day.

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