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Coworking the work-life balance – a Clockwise Guide

Here’s why flexible office spaces, thoughtful design and a real separation between home and work are a perfect choice.

Coworking the work-life balance.

As the cost of living rockets, many find themselves in a perfect storm of circumstances, with increasing pressure on employers to help them weather it by upping salaries.

But there is more to this than meets the eye.

Despite the desperate financial situation, a 2022 report by Ciphr found that of the workers polled, ‘over two-thirds see work-life balance – albeit a term that can mean different things to different people – as being more important than their pay and employee benefits combined.’

Though this certainly doesn’t mean that wages should stagnate while other benefits take priority, it does show that there is a real desire for a healthier balance.

With far more people working remotely than pre-pandemic, there has been a tendency to merge the spaces, clocking in and out where we sleep, eat and enjoy our family time. So whilst people may not have to spend as much time in the office as before, it seems that the work-life balance has been thrown even more off-kilter.

Struggling to see where your professional life ends and your personal life begins?

Here’s how our flexible office rentals and coworking spaces can help you construct a healthy work-life balance in an increasingly complex working world.

  • Productivity – Simply, the more productive you are in the hours that you’re working, the less likely it is that work will encroach on your leisure time. At Clockwise, we create environments with your needs at the heart of every design decision made -dedicated spots for deep working, spaces for that all-important collaboration and areas that all take diverse ways of working into account whilst enhancing well-being and productivity. Everything you need to create a routine that’s completely distinct from that in your home life.
  • Motivation – Intrinsically linked to productivity, it’s motivation that will ensure you get done what you need to do. Surrounded by a community of like-minded people, you can more easily focus on the task at hand, organising your days and ensuring a hard stop when it’s time to get on with your personal life.
  • Separation – We provide a home, for work, so you don’t need to use your own. There are substantial benefits to having to leave the house for work. As we covered in our ‘Commute’ article, leaving the house behind to head for the office, enables you to switch your brain from ‘home’ to ‘work’ mode- preparing for meetings, catching up on the news, reading emails or thinking through the big pitch. It also works the other way around, meaning you can leave any worries of the working day behind in the coworking space and be fully present for what the evening ahead entails.
  • Flexibility – It’s not called flexible office space for nothing. Taking up a flexible licence on a coworking space (or even a private office) with Clockwise, means no upfront fees, monthly rolling contracts and the ability to make your shared workspace, work for you.
  • Social – This may seem like an oxymoron but we believe that social events in the flexible office space enhance the work-life balance, not blur it. We are social creatures and there’s no reason why your work life can’t provide a distinct social element to your professional life, promoting collaboration or even just a chance to discuss your working day with others who are on the same page.

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Clockwise Serviced Offices Manchester

Clockwise Workspace

Clockwise is situated in Manchester city centre in Linley House and provides serviced offices and meeting room space.

Linley House, Dickinson Street, Manchester, M1 4LF

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