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Embello, a leading printing and merchandise company has helped Midlands charity Support Staffordshire Together to raise vital funds.

Support Staffordshire Together is an organization which supports local charities and voluntary organisations across the county where volunteers are in need of expert guidance around running effectively.

Lisa Carson, fundraising development manager, said: “As an organization which helps other charitable projects it can be tricky to get the message out there that we offer a vital service in our county. Smaller charities, which make a big difference in each community, need support and advice to be successful and to be sustainable – and we can provide that.”

The team at Support Staffordshire help these smaller organisations:

  • get started as a formal charitable organization.
  • train their staff and volunteers. 
  • understand governance and compliance.
  • access funding streams including applying for grants. 
  • understand their changing responsibilities as they grow. 

Each charity is offered three hours of free support a year however the organization is hoping to be able to increase that offer. 

Recently at the Stafford half marathon event, a team of volunteers took up the challenge whilst fundraising to support their work. They in turn were supported by Tamworth entrepreneur Kyle Raffo.

Kyle is the founder of Embello, a leading printing & merchanise company based in Wilnecote, Tamworth. Kyle felt it was important to support an organization which helps smaller, often ignored, charitable projects. The team provided branded t-shirts for the half marathon event, free of charge. 

He said: “As part of our community fund, it was clear that we could gift branded t-shirts to the Support Staffordshire Together team. It may seem a small contribution – however to feel like a team on the day and to be able to publicly showcase who they represent at such a prestigious event has enormous value. We’re proud to have played a small part in this.”

Lisa Carson said: “The t-shirts looked great and gave our charity and Embello great exposure so thank you so much for providing them! So far our runners have raised just under £6,000 for our charity which will fund 120 hours of support for local charities and voluntary groups in Staffordshire.”

Embello created its community fund at the beginning of 2021 and has pledged to donate a total of £120,000 over the next ten years to good causes throughout the Midlands to help them spread their own messages and raise their own awareness. 

Kyle set up Embello (previously known as Expand Digital) when he was just 16 years old and today his team work with brands including Twitter, The D-Day Darlings, Business Live UK and Loughborough University.

Embello have been helping brands across the globe for over a decade; telling clients’ stories through creative marketing materials. With 24 hour turnaround on thousands of products from printed stationary to embroidered workwear, outdoor signage to branded merchandise - the Embello team are dedicated to being the UK’s no1 printing, promotional merchandise and branded workwear specialist. For more information visit

*Images shows the Support Staffordshire Together team, in their Embello t-shirts, as they embark on their half marathon fundraising effort. Pictured are, left to right, Zoe Crozier, volunteer for all officer, Rowan Crozier trustee, Lisa Carson, fundraising development manager, Gareth Jolly, Ben Dorkins and Nichola Lyne, fellow staff and volunteers. 

To find out more about Support Staffordshire Together visit

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