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Royds Withy King among first UK law firms to offer compassionate leave to employees who suffer pregnancy loss before 24 weeks

Legal firm Royds Withy King have launched a new Pregnancy Loss Policy that offers compassionate leave to expectant mothers who lose their child before 24 weeks.

Only a few large companies currently offer this, and Royds Withy King is one of the first law firms in the UK to do so.

Employees who suffer pregnancy loss (or their partner), will be entitled to up to two weeks' paid time off. This policy announcement joins a suite of family-friendly policies the firm already has in place that go above and beyond industry standards, including enhanced maternity/paternity leave, adoption leave, leave for fertility treatment and paid care for dependant leave. 

Amanda Dow, Director of HR at Royds Withy King said: 

“Our new Pregnancy Loss Policy aligns with our values of truly supporting our people and giving them the trust, respect, and flexibility they need to balance their work and home life.”

Jessica Parsons, HR Advisor at Royds Withy King agrees: 

“We felt that it was important to recognise that pregnancy loss, no matter when it happens, can have a big impact on both the expecting parents. We have therefore created this policy to support our colleagues and their partners, whether male or female.” 

To give the policy some context: one-in-four pregnancies will end in miscarriage. 

Earlier this year, New Zealand’s parliament unanimously voted to give three days' bereavement leave. They joined many APAC countries in granting paid time off following a pregnancy loss. 

The UK has no such legislation in place and workplace policies of such a nature are significantly less common in the UK. Royds Withy King therefore made the decision to launch their own Pregnancy Loss Policy.

Parents who suffer the loss of a child who is under the age of 18, or stillbirth from 24 weeks of pregnancy, have a statutory right to two weeks' parental bereavement leave.

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