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The Morning After the Night Before - Enjoying Manchester After a Big Night

In Manchester we're spoiled by an array of different night spots from restaurants and bars to clubs and more. But the morning after, we often let the day go to waste. Instead of sleeping in and regretting it, why not do something meaningful with "the next day"?

Indulge in a slap-up breakfast

Breakfast after a big night out is never not a good idea. Whether you overindulged in a tipple or you were simply out late and need to boost up those energy stores, eating will help you along your weary way.

There are plenty of amazing hotspots for breakfast and brunch all over the city, but if you really can't manage even that, you're in luck - these days Deliveroo can deliver breakfast right to you, whatever you fancy. From eggs benedict to a classic fry-up, there will be something to help you feel back to your usual sorts.

Enjoy a morning at the park

When a lot of people picture Manchester, they think of city-dwelling and busy urban settings. But as the locals know, there are also a lot of beautiful places to enjoy outdoors. If you're going out on weekends, being surrounded by crowds the next day is the last thing you'll need. Going to the park acts as something of an escape.

As the weather finally improves, we have a feeling you'll be wanting to do more than that. Find the nearest local park to you and pack a bag with suncream, a blanket and a book. Alternatively, you could even invite your friends and turn the whole affair into a day out complete with a yummy picnic lunch.

Or maybe enjoy some adventure instead

Perhaps lazing around, eating and sunbathing isn't what you want at all. Particularly if you're just in town for the weekend, the last thing you'll want to do is waste a day. Although it can involve a little effort getting up and about, we promise that it's absolutely worth it in the end.

Manchester is full of exciting activities both in the city and the surrounds, from water parks and golf courses to climbing walls and even indoor skydiving. If that sounds like a little too much for you, you could always take a day trip. Liverpool isn't far at all, and if you're still over the limit, there's a super-fast train.

Carry on where you left off

Look, we don't advocate spending all your time drinking or at the pub, but as the summer approaches, you've certainly got the weather for it. There are so many beer gardens, rooftop bars and terraces around Manchester, so why not take advantage of them? As always, British weather can be super unpredictable - so many of these places even have a roof so that if (or when) it rains, you can head back to enjoy a drink indoors.

As always if you're out having fun, be responsible. Take a cab home, don't go overboard, and don't forget to appreciate how amazing Manchester is!

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