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Flight Club - Ready to Take Off in Manchester

Flight Club is bringing Social Darts to Manchester this October and we can’t wait!  The brand moves the classic British pub sport away from its stereotypes and into an atmosphere where anyone and everyone can enjoy it.

Whether you’re usually a fan of the traditional format or not, Flight Club has adaptations of the classics that will appeal to all parties and have you loving Social Darts. 

After being fortunate enough to spend some time with Flight Club’s owners in the London sites, their passion for Social Darts was clear to see and importantly the desire to replicate the experience in Manchester but making sure the venue ultimately is unique to the people of our great city. 

We of course had to try our hand out at the full range of games and work our way through the drinks menu whilst we were there.  If your fear is your darts ability then we can quash that straight away, there are three lines to throw from depending on your talent level and the range of games means we are certain you will find one that will see you come out on top, even we came away with a win! 

Quite frequently with social sports venues like this, the food doesn’t match up to the great experience of taking on your friends or colleagues.  That was probably the biggest surprise to us at Flight Club, we knew we would enjoy the darts as a bit of competition always brings out the best in us (well sort of), but the food was delicious.  There’s a brilliant range of sharing options, pick up food that you can dip into between your turns, our personal favourite being the Salt & Pepper Squid. 

If you aren’t sold just yet then here we go; a waiter/waitress will come over to your oche and take your food or drinks order at the touch of button, brilliant action replays of the group reactions and no maths or keeping score as the stunning technology does it all for you.  Maybe that’s not a pro if you’re the one in the group who likes to knock a few extra of your total but hey at least when you do win it will taste all the sweeter! 

Flight Club really is the alternative night out that will change the way you spend your weekends and evening drinks.  No matter what the occasion, office socials, date night, birthday drinks or you just fancy winning the bragging rights over your mates, you’ll find yourselves back for more. 

Flight Club officially launches October 26th and the venue is situated at the top of King Street.  We look forward to seeing you there!

Want to learn more about the games or fancy booking? Then click here!

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