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The Dos and Don'ts of Hen and Stag Planning

TGtM have been speaking to the experts at Go Hen and Stag Web to bring you some top advice for planning the perfect party or weekend!

If you are in charge of a stag or hen weekend then the key to a great party is to plan. Making a good plan, and following it, will help you make the weekend ‘one to remember’ and not one everyone wants to forget. To help you avoid disasters and potential mayhem, plan your budget, activities and accommodation well in advance. With the right planning, you are guaranteed a weekend full of fun and laughter– and not sighs and frowns!

The team at Stag Web & Go Hen are the experts when it comes to organising stag and hen weekends, and with over 12 years’ experience it’s not surprising! Here are their top tips to make sure your party or weekend is a complete success:

Do – Plan it! People book their hen and stag parties at all times of the year; however some months are more popular than others. To save missing your booking, make sure you organise as much as you can in advance. This way you can guarantee your party won’t be missing out and everything is booked ready!

Don’t –Have too many planners! If too many people try and plan the party you’ll be in for a lot of disagreements and miscommunications. Make sure there is one person responsible for the overall planning. It is worth asking for opinions, but you’ll never pleaser everyone so stick to your guns and take control.

Do – Talk to the groom or bride to be! Although the newlyweds to be will be knee deep in wedding plans, it is still their party. It is always worth asking them if they were hoping for anything in particular, after all you don’t want to leave any one disappointed!

Don’t – Get carried away! Planning a party or a weekend can be lots of fun, but don’t go overboard. Planning extravagant dinners at expensive restaurants and surprising everyone with VIP club entry might be out of a lot of people’s budgets. Setting a budget that is reasonable, and sticking to it, means everyone can plan and enjoy the weekend without any money worries or unexpected expenditures.

Do –Get Advice! If you need help you should ask. If your washing machine’s leaking you’d call a plumber, and the same applies to party planning. If you need help or ideas speak to a professional – and don’t forget they may be able to offer you special discounted rates if you book through them!

Don’t – Forget the other half! We aren’t being silly, it is really important to think about your stag or hen’s partner to be. If they aren’t happy with the thought of strippers and pranks, then it’s best to avoid them! You don’t want to be responsible for premarital disputes or something worse!

If you need some help or advice with your stag or hen party planning then contact the team at & but most of all we hope wherever you end up you have a fantastic pre-wedding celebration weekend. And don’t forget your toothbrush!

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