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Back to School Tips & Advice

Love it or loathe it, the transition from summer fun-time to back to school can be a daunting prospect! From the early morning rise to making sure your child eats a hearty lunch, follow our top tips for a smooth transition into the new academic year...

Settle Back into your School Routine Well in Advance

When the school rush comes, getting your children out of the door will be less painful if you've managed to scupper some of their lazy summer habits - you know the ones that we're talking about. In the prelude their first day back at school attempt to scale back bedtimes and cease those mega long lie-ins. Slowly reintroducing a bedtime pattern will be hugely useful for the task of getting the kids to school on time. 

Tackle Homework Head On

Trying to coax your child into doing their homework can be a struggle at the best of times. The greatest way to tackle this time-old problem is by incorporating homework into their everyday routine. By instigating a time and place for studying at home, it won't seem like such a chore when they have to do it. In order for your child to get the most out of their studies make yourself available during homework time. Whether they're sat at the kitchen table and you're cooking dinner or you're reading the paper and they're working in the living room - make sure you are there to check in on their progress and lend a hand if needed.

Plan After-School Activities

If you are a working parent and your child gets home before you do, it's important to figure out where your children will go, what they'll get up to or who'll be home to greet them. If in need of some after-school care, check with your child's school or other parents if there are any facilities or places that they'd recommend. During those first few days back at school try to be there when they get home -  as you'll be able to ask them about their day, help them adjust to their new schedule, discuss their teachers etc.

Be Adventurous with your Children's Lunch Boxe

The days when a humble ham sandwich would suffice are long gone. In an age of allergies and healthy food policies enforced by schools, planning a packed lunch can be problematic, but it doesn't have to be. So make sure you get the school policy on just exactly what is allowed in their lunch box. The best approach is to sit down and discuss with your kids exactly what they would like. Alternatively take them with you the supermarket dash and get them involved in what they eat. If you're struggling for ideas, we have put together some fun ideas ourselves. 

Keep Track of your Family

Things often get pretty hectic at home, so you will need to do something to keep track of who needs what and when. A diary, calendar or wall planner are good, solid options, however if a post-it note covered fridge is more your style, roll with it. Having an organised home life will set a great example to your children and ensure that you're always on top of up-coming events.

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