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How To Become a Taxi Driver in Manchester

Driving a cab around Manchester attracts many professionals. There is a big earning potential, and it is a sociable career where you will meet a lot of people from all walks of life.

Working in a big city like Manchester means you will never be short of paying clients, or tales to tell! If you are looking into this career option, there are a few things to know about signing up and getting started in the Manchester area. This guide highlights the most important things to know.

Why You Should Consider Taxi Driving in Manchester

Let’s cover why driving a cab in Manchester is a great job to sign up for.

  • Manchester is a big city with lots of tourists.
  • There is a great nightlife scene in the city.
  • It is a student city with good universities and high attendance every year.
  • There are plenty of entertainment venues, restaurants, bars, and shopping centres.
  • There are big travel facilities like train stations and an international airport.

All of these reasons and more mean that you will have a steady flow of clients, regardless of the shifts that you decide to drive. Aside from these specific Manc perks, there are the bonus benefits of being able to choose your hours, be as flexible as you like, and retain autonomy over your vehicle (for most companies).

How to Pick Your Vehicle

Picking your taxi is a big decision, one of the biggest in fact! You can start with an internet search for a taxi for sale near you and see where it leads. Remember, with some companies you will be able to find exclusive deals that are not applicable elsewhere. Choosing your cab style depends on what you feel comfortable and confident driving, and how many passengers you are willing to ferry about.

Decide on Your Career Entry Point

Research the many cab companies in Manchester to find vacancies and potential job listings. Alternatively, consider setting up on your own, for which you will still need a qualification to drive in the city.

The Process and Stipulations

There are a few things you need to be able to show, qualifications you need to get, and experience you need to have in order to become a licenced and registered taxi driver in Manchester. Here are the main points to factor in.

Have a Driving Licence

Every taxi driver has to have a fully verified licence that is in date, doesn’t have too many penalties, and is legal. This will need to be shown at many stages of the process, so make sure you have it to hand!

Submit Your Application

Submit your application to start the process of becoming a driver to the council. After it has been received, you will be able to book your tests to prove your knowledge of ‘cab-ology’ and the roadworthiness of your proposed vehicle.

DBS Checks

DBS Checks Every taxi driver has to undergo a DBS check to make sure they do not pose a threat to the members of the public that they will be driving about. This is an integral part of the journey, and you should disclose anything that might be relevant in case it comes up later against you.

Skills Test

There are lots of tests you have to take as a part of the whole taxi driver qualification. The fee for this collaboration is currently £80, which you can pay with any credit or debit card online. You will have:

  • An eyesight test to ensure you can see properly, for the safety of your passengers and other road users.
  • An exam that is based around driving on different road types.
  • A complete check over of the vehicle that you want to drive.
  • A test on specific taxi moves, particularly parking.
  • There will be taxi driver-specific questions.
  • You’ll be tested on the highway code.

Vehicle Check

The vehicle check mentioned above is worth going into a bit more detail so you can properly prepare. Every potential cab has to be fully insured and up to date with both tax and MOT certificates. You cannot have any warning lights showing on the dashboard (or anything else majorly at fault with the vehicle), and all the mirrors have to be clean and fully functional.


After the application is submitted and the exam is complete, everything will be sent to a review panel for consideration.

Granted or Denied

You will then be either granted a licence or denied one. This depends entirely on how you answered the questions, your knowledge of Manchester roads, your ability to drive to the most recent regulations, how your vehicle performed the checks, and your background screening results.

Becoming a taxi driver in Manchester is a big deal. You will have open access to a constant stream of business and a city where someone needs a cab at all hours of the day and night. The nightlife is thriving and the shopping is super popular. Go through the official channels and get your licence fully qualified and verified.

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