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How to Help Your Elderly Relatives Living Alone

No one likes the idea of their elderly relative being lonely, especially if they have health concerns. That does not mean they should not live alone, though, as many seniors enjoy the independence that provides them.

To ensure that your elderly relative is both safe and happy while living alone, here are some ways you can help them.

Make Their Home Safe

Safety should be your main concern when it comes to your elderly relative’s living arrangements, so have a look around their home and note any concerns that you may have. That might include a raised carpet corner, steep stairs, faulty electricals, or shelves that are too high. One by one, fix any dangers in their home to avoid accidents.

Ensure They Have Enough Money

Your elderly relative might not be open about their financial concerns, but it is important to know if they are living comfortably enough so that they can afford to eat well, keep the house warm, and go out when they want to. If they are struggling, there may be grants or benefit payments available to assist. has a whole list of these here.

Check-in as Regularly as Possible

Even if their home is safe and they have a social life, it is important to check in with them as regularly as possible. After all, you do not know when their situation might change. Plus, they will probably look forward to your visits more than you would think.

Teach Them How to Use Tech

Technology provides great access to easy communications – do not let your loved one miss out on its benefits. Teach them how to use a computer, smartphone, or tablet so that they can message their loved ones whenever they want. For tips on teaching a senior to use tech, Age UK can help. Your parent might even get really into it and start joining online communities!

Consider a Home Carer

If your elderly relative requires a little more care than what you can offer by yourself, consider looking into a home carer. This could even be one of your other family members! By doing this, you ensure your loved ones’ health is well looked after without them having to leave their home.

Get to Know Their Neighbours

If you do not live very close to your elderly family member, it is a good idea to get to know their neighbours. Pop over to a couple of neighbour’s houses and introduce yourself if you haven’t already – some baked goods will usually go down a treat! By knowing the people who live near your loved one, you will have better contacts if anything goes wrong. Plus, it is always nice to make more friends.

Take Them Out

No matter how comfortable their home is, it is still important for your loved one to get plenty of fresh air. To ensure they are getting out enough, offer to take them for trips now and again. That could mean something as simple as a walk around the local park, or something a little more exciting, like a trip to the nearest beach for chips and ice cream. You will improve the quality of your elderly relative’s life while making memories you will cherish forever.

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