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Manchester Fashion Week Opens With Spectacular Showcase

Manchester Fashion Week Set To Open With Spectacular Showcase

With just under four weeks to go to Manchester’s finest fashion show, Manchester Fashion Week, designers are preparing for the most diverse showcase yet and it promises to be a stunning week.

The show, which takes place on the roof terrace  at Hotel Football on 13th May, will be split into two parts, with the first part focusing on street and urban style led by Gogairy Hand Painted Leathers, an artist turned fashion designer who, as the title suggests, paints exquisite bespoke designs onto leather or vegan leather jackets turning them into personal cherished masterpieces. He is a double organ transplant survivor who has turned to fashion design to aid his recovery since his operation 12 months ago.

Twisted Couture is a brand new edgy label from Manchester which strives to break any from the stereotypical high street norm. The BeesKnees Boutique offers an alternative collection of prom and wedding dresses, stoking corsets and genderless outfits and are one of the main dressers for costumes for Manchester Pride. Kintsugi appeals to everyone, literally, as an all-inclusive brand specialising in tailored pieces for abled bodied women and those in wheelchairs and with prosthetic limbs, giving them easy access to wearing on trend items to make them feel elegant and well groomed.

The second half will focus on haute couture from designers around the world who have settled in Manchester and grown their businesses with locally sourced textiles, reminding the industry of the North West’s rich cultural heritage. Tehran bird Nooshin uses her rich heritage of fabrics and textures to create show stopping outfits which are a canvas for artistic beauty.

Zimbabe-born Flenci Rose returns to the catwalk for the second year running to showcase her brightly coloured fabrics and clean cut suits and dresses. The show’s finale is Be Unique Be You, quite fitting for the name which represents the ethos of show.

Director Amanda Moss said, "Manchester Fashion Week symbolises everything that fashion is all-out; empowering, inclusive and all encompassing. People should’t have to go to London when the north of the Uk has always been the centre of fashion with its rich textile industry. North West really is best."

Also expected to report on the high profile event is Fashion TV who will broadcast the show on the channel around the world. Manchester Fashion Week also features a free hair styling workshop in between the catwalk shows from sponsor Pierre Alexandre.

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