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As the situation in Afghanistan continues to cause concern across the world, supporting Afghan refugees, and particularly any unaccompanied children, has never been more urgent according to one of the UK’s leading fostering agencies Banya.

The UK Government has agreed to resettle 20,000 Afghan refugees over the next few years however many organisations who already work with refugees feel the support is too little. 

Chido Poe, managing director of leading UK fostering agency, Banya, said: “I have been witnessing what is happening in Afghanistan from a place of deep sadness. Thousands of people are trying to flee in a desperate bid to save their families from the potential violence and oppression they may face with the Taliban taking over. We have been contacted by people willing to support and provide a safe haven for unaccompanied children so we’ve made the decision to reach out proactively to offer our help.”

After seeing the heartbreaking scenes on the television and hearing more distressing details coming out of Afghanistan, Chido and her colleague, Dorothy Shambambeva have written to local authorities the team already work with to let them know that Banya is here to help with refugees coming into the country, particularly unaccompanied children. 

“We have already supplied the authorities details of our foster carers, who have vacancies and are able to take in some of the refugees,” said Chido. “The need for more foster carers is greater than ever now.” 

Fostering can bring benefits not only to children in crisis, but also to adults, by providing a safe and secure home for children who may experienced trauma. Banya, which was set up in London 25 years ago, is appealing for more foster carers to come forward.

“I believe in human rights for all,” explained Chido. “Until I see this happen, I will not rest. Here, at Banya, we stand with the people of Afghanistan and will be proactive in trying to help refugees that make it to the UK.”

Banya is run as a social enterprise model and has helped refugees before giving them a home after they have fled from countries including Eritrea, Albania, Afghanistan, Somalia, Sudan, Pakistan, Ethiopia, Iran, Turkey, and Vietnam.

“I appeal to you, if you have ever considered being a foster carer, the time is now. There are children and young people out there desperate to be part of a safe family environment.”

Banya is known for its success generally in fostering and for its particular expertise in providing for foster carers from diverse backgrounds. For more information, visit: https://www.banya.co.uk

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