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What Stops You From Running?

Do you think you’re too old, too self-conscious or too heavy?

Make yourself a little plan and get ready for the summer now!

1. Starting Off

Stop focusing on the reasons that are stopping you from running and think about why you want to start. Remembering why you began running will help keep you motivated when training gets tough. Holiday's, birthday's and even challening a friend to become a running partner are all great motivators.

2. Invest in Some Running Kit

Not only will it help keep you comfortable and as far away from injury as possible, it will also help motivate you to train. Visit a specialist running store for your shoes and get your technique checked. Any shirts, shoes or socks will be fine when you start out, but breathable fabrics like polyester are a bonus. All sports shops stock lots of affordable products and if your running in the evenings dont forget to ensure your be visible.

3. Just Get Going

Don’t overanalyse too much and head out for a little run to begin with, even if it’s just for five or 10 minutes. Also, do not compare yourself to others; it’s a trap even the most experienced of runners fall into sometimes, but it doesn’t help you or your performance. A walk, run, walk, run is by far the best way to start and an extra minute each week will allow you to be ready for the progression. If you can commit, aim ideally to run twice a week and you will soon be running successfully and you'll be entering your first race before you know it!

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