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5 Reasons Manchester City Centre is a Buy-to-Let Hotspot

Manchester has just been named “one of the best places to visit in the UK in 2023” by Time Out. The world-famous magazine is correct; however, its conclusion is slightly imprecise. Manchester is not only one of the best places to visit. It's also one of the most desirable places to live and make money. Check out five reasons to live and invest in buy-to-let property in Manchester.

1. 13th best city in the world

The Time Out article is just one of the many compliments Manchester has received recently. The same magazine elected the metropolis as one of the 13 best cities in the world, surpassing global hubs like New York, Melbourne and Tokyo. A survey conducted by Time Out also discovered that 74% of Manchester’s residents consider the city “very friendly”.

2. Manchester’s city centre has one of the 21 Coolest Streets in the world

Let’s face it: Time Out is obsessed with Manchester. The magazine named one of our neighbourhoods one of the 21 coolest streets in the world. How cool is that? The accolade was awarded to Cutting Room Square in Ancoats. According to Time Out, Cutting Room Square is “a microcosm of the world’s most exciting cities”.

Those lucky enough to live here or invest in buy-to-let properties around the square can witness Manchester's proud industrial heritage blending with the city’s modernity. The area also boasts charming converted warehouses, St Peter's Church (which now hosts the Halle Orchestra) and Mana, Manchester's only Michelin-starred restaurant.

There are more cost-effective yet delicious options as well, in the likes of Jane Eyre, serving small plates and cocktails; Nam, offering Vietnamese street food; The Counter House, where clients can enjoy a delicious brunch; and Canto, for Spanish-dish lovers.

Additionally, Cutting Room Square is now a car-free zone. This allows residents to enjoy the local art installations more leisurely while strolling around.

3. One of the world's must-visit 2023 travel destinations

Aside from Time Out, Manchester is also a favourite of other publications. Lonely Planet, one of the planet’s most influential travel guides, also puts Manchester on its list of unmissable destinations in 2023. The “Best in Travel 2023” features 33 cities from all over the globe.

The renowned guide claims that Manchester is one of the best - if not THE best - cities in the UK, citing the Manchester Museum, the Manchester Jewish Museum, the Factory International Arts Space and Castlefield Viaduct as must-go attractions.

4. An explosion of restaurants is taking place in Manchester

Stylish, casual, exclusive, economical. Whatever you’re looking for in terms of food, you’ll find it in Manchester. There is a vibrant restaurant scene in the city. For burger addicts, Manchester offers the likes of Almost Famous, Solita, Byron and the almost omnipresent Five Guys.

The Where To Eat Pizza guidebook chose two pizzerias in Manchester as some of the best in the world: Rudy’s Neapolitan Pizza in Ancoats and Honest Crust at Market House. Of course, Italian cuisine is not limited to pizza. That’s why you should try pasta from The Pasta Factory, Rosso or San Carlo.

Want more? You can’t be a cosmopolitan city without offering mouthwatering international food. The city centre is littered, for instance, with scores of Indian restaurants. You should check the “Curry Mile”, a street in Rusholme featuring dozens of curry houses, takeaways and kebab shops almost colliding with each other. It sits just two miles away from the city centre.

Still hungry? At Vuna, El Rincon De Rafa, or El Gato Negro, you'll feel like you're in Spain. Fancy Asian food? You’re lucky. Manchester features the third-largest Chinatown in Europe.

Other unmissable bars and restaurants in the city centre are The Refuge and Indian Tiffin Room.

With so many options, it's not surprising that so many people are investing in buy-to-let properties in Manchester. After all, the city is attracting visitors from all over the globe.

5. Some of the best museums and galleries in the world

Those who think museums are boring have never stepped foot in Manchester’s museums and galleries. Among the best in the world, they are entertaining, educational, and emotionally engaging. The Manchester Museum, for example, exhibits Egyptian mummies, taxidermy, pottery, and jewellery.

Other museums are just a short drive away. The Whitaker is both a museum and an art gallery boasting a permanent collection of intriguing Victorian natural history artefacts. Be warned: some of them might be considered a bit bizarre.

History-nerds will love Imperial War Museum North and Stockport Air Raid Shelters. It’s an excellent opportunity to see how the British fought and protected themselves during the horrible times of the first world war.

Investing in buy-to-let properties is booming in Manchester

The above reasons are just some of why people from around the world are relocating to Manchester to live a cosmopolitan lifestyle. The city is lively yet tranquil and safe. Some of the world’s most influential companies have offices in the region, pushing the demand for rentals.

TK Property Group, a property investment company based in Wigan, Greater Manchester, explains that in a scenario where the cost of living has become central in the public debate, the city still has a reasonable cost of living, attracting many young professionals. Students also flock to the area due to its renowned universities and abundant professional opportunities.

As a result of growing demand and affordable prices, investors enjoy excellent returns. Even better, the city centre still has many buy-to-let property opportunities for those looking for a great deal of profitability in Manchester.

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