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Introducing Mere who want the humble first aid kit to 'grow up'...

THREE paramedics aim to revolutionise first aid by bringing their innovative medical kits to the masses with the aim of saving lives. 

Brad Sadat-Shafai, Dylan McAteer and Kyle Raffo are all registered paramedics in the Midlands. Their work has shown them that most first aid kits in the community are not fit for purpose and in a crisis will do little to save a life. 

Brad, who lives in Congleton, Cheshire, said: “It’s known that the biggest cause of death in the under 40s is through traumatic injury. In so many of those cases having a first aid kit which is actually useful could save a life. When someone is seriously ill or injured, a few sticking plasters or a ropey bandage which has probably deteriorated is not going to help.”

Fellow paramedic Dylan agrees.

“The days when a little plastic box with a few ancient bits and pieces will actually make a difference are gone. I have even seen an incident where bystanders had no access to a decent first aid kit and packed the person’s injury with sandwich wrappers!

“While that old first aid box may comply with health & safety rules, will it actually save a life? We designed our kits with high grade products used by emergency services which can be easily carried, stuck to a belt or a backpack – allowing members of the public to be ready to respond in an emergency before people like us arrive on the scene.”

MERE – which stands for Medical Emergency Response Equipment – offers first aid packs for everyday people who could come across a life threatening situation whether at work, home or during leisure activities. Their Essentials Kit is aimed at preparing for the unexpected emergency, whether that be a cardiac arrest or traumatic injury.

Kyle Raffo said: “The equipment in our packs are tested, tried and suitable for the modern world. They will help people who have suffered a traumatic injury, who have collapsed, who have fallen, who have suffered an unexpected medical event. Little first aid kits mean nothing in that kind of situation. You need to act quickly and fast while under extreme emotional stress. 

“The three of us can think of incidents we’ve attended where early intervention with better kit could have saved a life. Having witnessed a medical emergency while out hiking in a remote area, it took longer than normal for help to arrive. It’s possible – though not guaranteed – that a really good first aid kit with appropriate, easy to follow, instructions can give a patient some vital extra minutes, maximising their chances of survival and recovery.”

MERE, with the mantra ‘be prepared’, are launching their new kits on Thursday September 30th and are available here –

*Image shows the paramedics behind MERE – Kyle Raffo, Dylan McAteer and Brad Sadat-Shafai, who have launched their ‘be prepared’ modern day first aid packs. 

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