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TGT Meets... Keith McAvoy | Seven Bro7hers Brewery

TGT Meets... Keith McAvoy - Seven Bro7hers Brewery

We sat down with Keith McAvoy for the third instalment of our Meet the Brothers interview series with Seven Bro7hers Brewery, the family brewery taking producing some of the best craft beer around!

1. Where is home and why?

Our brewery is based in Salford.  We’re a Salford family and it means a lot to us that we stay part of the community that is so important to us.

2. Describe Seven Bro7hers in one sentence.

We’re a close, hard-working and determined family.

3. What’s been your biggest achievement to date?

We’re coming up to five years in business in July 2019 and we’re immensely proud to have reached this milestone. None of this would be possible without an amazing team around us!

4. What is the most enjoyable part of your job?

Working with family is a privilege. Also Working in the beer community can be really rewarding, there’s a comraderey unlike any other business.

5. And what about the most challenging?

Working with family is also the most challenging.

6. What are your goals for Seven Bro7hers?

To become synonymous with craft beer in the UK.

7. Why do you think the craft beer scene is thriving so much in Manchester?

Manchester has always had a history of innovation and entrepreneurship, applying these qualities to producing craft beer is the reason the region is fast becoming known for amazing craft beer.

8. Do you have a favourite beer that Seven Bro7hers have produced?

My favourite is the Watermelon wheat beer.

9. If you could do it all again, would you do anything differently?

There’s plenty of things we could do differently but on the whole I would do it the same way again.

10. How do you like to spend your time off?

Gym (sometimes) but sport mainly.

11. You have a meeting booked that suddenly gets cancelled, giving you a few hours to yourself in Manchester – what do you do?

Ah - a good one. Probably work.

12. Where’s your favourite place to eat out in Manchester

I love turtle bay.

13. Who’s your favourite famous Mancunian?

I’ve always admired the work Tony Wilson did.   

14. Describe Manchester in three words:

Friendly. Open. Ballsy.

Seven Bro7hers have a range of craft beers that are packed full of great flavour, it's the reason the brand has been going from strength to strength and if you head to either the Tap Room in Salford or the Beerhouse in Ancoats it will be buzzing with atmosphere. Get yourselves down and try out their incredible range of beers.

Seven Brothers Beerhouse Ancoats

Seven Bro7hers Beerhouse Ancoats

Amazing local craft beers and great comfort food all served in a relaxed, casual atmosphere. Seven Brothers Ancoats is the place to be.

The Ice Plant, 39 Blossom St, Manchester , M4 5AF

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Seven Bro7hers Beerhouse Ancoats

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