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How to make use of your garden in winter

During the summer months, your garden is probably the main focus and social hub of your home. When the weather permits, you can spend all your free time sat outside in the sunshine or host parties and barbeques.

But when summer starts to come to an end, the days get shorter and colder, you might feel like your outdoor space is going to waste. However, your garden does not have to be completely redundant – you have invested a lot of time and money in making it a beautiful space, make use of it throughout the whole year.

Let there be light

Just because the weather gets colder and you spend your evenings snuggled up in the warmth of your house, this does not mean your garden cannot still be a part of your night. Whether you are having friends over for dinner or a night in by yourself, a garden full of sparkling lights is a gorgeous sight to look out on whilst also adding to the cosy vibe inside. This stunning sight breathes a bit of life into your garden, even in the depth of winter. This is especially delightful during periods of snow as it creates a magical winter wonderland that is perfect for all the social events you host throughout the festive season. We recommend these LED festoon kits for high-quality outdoor lighting.

Create a cosy seating area

Despite the cold, it is still nice to sit outside and get a bit of fresh air. Shorter days mean longer nights, nights that can be spent with a mulled wine or a hot chocolate in your hand and a blanket on your lap gazing up at the stars in the night sky. You can easily make a comfortable seating area by using cushions and blankets whilst warming the space through the use of a patio heater or a chimenea, meaning you can sit outside for as long as you want without fear of frostbite! If your garden is big enough you could install a full-scale fire pit – perfect for parties.

Weather appropriate flowers

A lot of plants tend to die during winter and do not bloom again until spring. A garden full of dead and dying plants can be a depressing sight, so plant some winter flowers like snowdrops and hellebores. This means you can have a beautiful, thriving garden that keeps on blooming no matter the temperature.

Put up a shelter

Winter often brings rain or snow or icy cold winds and, whilst a heater can keep you warm, you will need something to protect you from the elements. A gazebo or awning can also come in handy when the weather turns during summer as it so often does, when the temperature is high but rain threatens to ruin your barbeque plans. A shelter also makes your seating area a cosier and more intimate space.

Even if you do not want to spend time outside in the cold, these additions can help make your garden more visually appealing throughout the winter.

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