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Charitable Co-operative MindforYou raises more than £460,000 to help people with dementia live their best lives.

An organisation which helps those with dementia, and their carers, to go on holiday, have raised £465,000 to extend their work.

MindforYou surpassed their original £450K community share investment goal by an extra £15,000  - an achievement they’re immensely proud of and one which shows an overwhelming support and empathy for the dementia community. 

Carol Sargent who is the founder and CEO of MindForYou said: 

"I am thrilled we managed to raise just under half a million. Myself and everyone in the team can’t wait to make an even bigger difference to the lives of those affected by dementia. The pandemic has taught us all just how important holidays are and this investment recognises people affected by dementia deserve a holiday just as much as anyone else."

The money allows the organisation to grow and work with more providers to help those who have dementia to go on holiday around the UK in a safe and secure environment - which also gives their carers a little respite from the full-on role of being a carer. 

MindforYou would like to thank their 150 inspirational investors for believing in their vision and for taking the time and risk to invest in such an unstable climate during the pandemic. 

Community shares allow people to invest in an organisation which benefits their community. The money means MindforYou can take advantage of the opportunities needed to grow their organisation so more people affected by dementia can access the benefits of holidays and can continue to holiday independently for longer.

MindforYou provides hope to people affected by dementia in desperate need of a break who now feel standard holidays can’t cater to their needs. 

The team behind the organisation believe holidays are important for everyone’s well being, especially for carers 50% of whom spend 100+ hours a week caring for their loved one with dementia. (That’s double the UK’s legal working limit!) 

Their small group holidays provide a stress-free change of scenery where couples can spend quality time together with all caring responsibilities removed. Experienced staff are on hand to host and personalise the holiday to suit the needs of their guests and make their time away as special as possible. They also provide compassionate support for both the person living with dementia and their carer so they can completely relax.

The Alzheimer’s Society forecast that by 2025 there will be over one million people diagnosed with dementia living in the UK, with 1 in 3 of us caring for someone living with dementia in our lifetime. 

Carol and her team believe not enough is being done to support these individuals, with social care being as underfunded as it is 'under imagined'. MindforYou holidays provide a unique form of support which enables people affected by dementia to live life to the fullest and the opportunity to rediscover joy and relaxation. To find out more visit

*Picture shows Carol Sargent, CEO & founder of MindForYou (camera right) with her daughter Emma Allenby, who is the organisation's sales & marketing director.  

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