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7 Ways to Enjoy Love Island in Manchester

7 Ways to Enjoy Love Island in Manchester

Love Island 2019 is here and we have to admit, we are so excited that we have been shouting I've got a text for weeks now. To help you out we've got a list of 7 ways to enjoy Love Island in Manchester.

1. Get the takeaway in 

For us it’s all about the home comforts, curling up on the sofa to watch all the latest drama unfold, jealous of the Summer sun whilst dashing to the toilet or to get another drink during the advert breaks. To top all of that off you need to get a good takeaway in and there are plenty to be had around Manchetser. 

Maybe you fancy a classic Dominos, especially if it’s Two for Tuesday, or just hop on Deliveroo to have the full tastes of the city at your fingertips! 

2. Shop the merch 

We eye up the water bottles and washbags every year without taking the plunge, this year is going to be the year. Shop all the Love Island merch and accessories (what better thing to do in the advert breaks) so you have your own name plastered in the bright neon colours and can feel like you’re shooting off to the villa. 

You can view the full range of accessories here.  

3. Get the Love Island looks 

The guys and girls in the villa always rock up in the most amazing outfits, from stylish bikinis to Summer dresses and the brilliant shirts. So why get some for your own holiday or Summer nights out when all the crew get together.  

We wrote a full article on where to shop the Love Island looks here. 

4. Start off the group WhatsApp 

We’ve all got at least one group chat that is on fire with the Love Island discussions, arguing over whether people chose the right couples, laughing about someone reminding you of an ex and even just sending emojis when you’re left speechless from the drama. Be the one to get it going and see if you all agree on your favourites. 

5. Watch it live in town 

Why not share the action with like-minded fans over a few drinks in the city centre, Brotherhood, just off St Peter’s Square are screening every single episode live. You can head down on your own and are bound to get caught up in all the chat or maybe you’re heading out for a night and don’t want to miss it? Well your pre-drinks are set! 

Check out Brotherhood and what is available here. 

6. You’re busy, life doesn’t stop. Stick it on record or get on catch up 

Well it is on almost every night?! It’s a real commitment when you decide to start watching Love Island, you get roped into it and now you don’t want to miss a beat. Stick it on record or find it on the ITV Player at a later date so you can enjoy some of the best food and drink the city has to offer. 

If you want to make the most of any Manchester sun to feel like you could be in the villa then check out some of the best outdoor bar space in Manchester here. 

7. Finally, if you’re not a fan, avoid social media like the plague 

Not sure how we can help here, it is everywhere, and it will be for two months. Our advice, stay off social media as it will be flooded with gifs, memes, rants and all sorts else for the duration of the show. If it is more your kind of thing then the Cricket World Cup is on throughout June instead. 

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