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Virtual bingo party! Quick guide

What is a virtual bingo party you might ask! Well, this guide will let you know all about the latest online craze that is sweeping the nation and how to get started. There is no doubt that online bingo has become increasingly popular over the last few years in the UK which has given rise to a new version very recently.

This allows you to play the game with whoever you want, such as friends and family, and essentially, create your own unique game with your own prizes. Keep reading to find out what you need to do!

Gather interest

If you already know people who like playing bingo such as friends and family, then there is already potential interest for you. Also, your friends may know other people who might be keen to play, which means that it could become even more social and you also get to meet other bingo enthusiasts!

Decide how you want to play!

The beauty of technology now means you have a variety of options to choose from when it comes to where you want to host your bingo party, with each one really easy to set up and launch. Whether it is Skype, Zoom, Houseparty, or even a Facebook Messenger Room, you can rest assured that the games will proceed smoothly. In addition, these are all available on a range of devices, including desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile, or even smart TV!

Who is hosting?!

The million-dollar question! Ultimately, the majority of bingo hosts have a number of different traits. From organisational ability to being able to generate rapport with players to make sure that the game flows and stays engaging there is a lot to think about. If there is someone who really wants to host who you know will be good, it could be easier to let them do it and see how things go.

Find a random number generator

This is easier than it sounds and you these are responsible for creating each bingo ticket. Depending on which game you play whether it is 90 Ball Bingo, 80 Ball Bingo, or even 75 Ball Bingo you need to set a minimum (always 1) and maximum number depending on the game that you are going to play.

If you want to see how a random number generator works in online bingo, go to and play a quick game, because it will give you more of an idea. However, using a random number generator that you find via Google is easy for your virtual bingo party, and as a result, you simply allow this to create numbers for each ticket automatically.

Eyes down, ready to go!

Everyone got their tickets and you’re decided on prizes?! Okay then! Your caller can then start your random number generator to reveal the first number. It works just like a normal bingo format with the first player to get all of the numbers on their ticket being the winner!

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