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Introducing Bottles of Kindness - bringing the nation together again, one bottle at a time

There are few feelings in life like the buzz of carrying out an act of kindness. As well as making you and others feel great, experts even say that being kind can be good for your health; helping to lower blood pressure and reduce the feelings of stress or depression.

Whilst the country had to stay apart, one company created something to bring us back together which has sparked a wave of kindness across the nation. 

Contemporary wine merchant Wine&Something created Bottles of Kindness – a way to pay kindness forward and treat a friend or loved one to a free bottle of wine, whilst also supporting the kindness charity – 52-Lives.

Kindness curve up by 30%

Lockdown inspired some truly creative acts of kindness. 

Kindness expert, Jaime Thurston, founder of 52-Lives, saw a 30% increase in donations during the pandemic.

"It has been an incredibly tough year for so many people - but in times of crisis, there is always kindness. And although we saw a lot of hardship, we also saw communities coming together to support one another,” he said.

“Among our supporters, we found that those who were in a position to give, were giving more, and we had an influx of messages from our community asking what they could do to help. 52-Lives is all about helping those in need through simple acts of kindness. We change lives every week and believe that the power of good will always outweigh any bad."

It’s cool to be kind 

Community spirit and people pulling together is exactly what inspired CEO of Wine&Something, Dale Agar, to create Bottles of Kindness as a way to pass on joy to someone special.        

The concept is simple – customers spend £75 or more on wine and they can gift a free Bottle of Kindness. For every Bottle of Kindness sent, Wine&Something donates £1 to 52-Lives.

Dale says unprecedented times call for greater acts of kindness. 

“Seeing friends and neighbours pulling together to help others in the community was inspiring and put the important things in life back into perspective. My wife and daughter were part of a substantial community collective that baked for the NHS and later compiled and published a recipe book with all proceeds going to the NHS," Dale said.

“Kindness comes in all forms and our version is a bottle of wine. It’s a great way to reflect on happier times and to create new memories that people won’t take for granted."

Growing movement of good deeds

Kindness is contagious and Bottles of Kindness is on a mission to kick start a chain reaction of good deeds across the UK. There are four Bottles of Kindness to choose from, hand-picked by Wine&Something’s Master of Wine, Robin Kick, offering different grape varieties and styles to suit different tastes. 

Let kindness flow with Bottles of Kindness from Wine&Something.

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