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Review: Double Zero Pizzeria

Review: Double Zero Pizzeria

On a typical rainy Manchester day in Chorlton, Double Zero Pizzeria managed to transport us to Italy with their exceptional, authentic Neapolitan pizza and vibrant family atmosphere.

If you sat and just closed your eyes, taking in the beautiful aromas of the freshly made dough, you could easily believe you were sat in the heart of Naples. 

We began the meal with a Caprese starter consisting of buffalo mozzarella, tomatoes, balsamic drizzle and basil.  The portion was easily big enough to share between two making it incredible value for money. 

Sometimes leaving things simple is best and this dish was the perfect example of that, the ingredients did all the talking, treating our taste buds to an explosion of fresh flavours.  It’s safe to say our plate went back spotless as it was too good to even leave a drop. 

Onto the showpiece.  We ordered a Vulcano pizza as well as a ham, salami Napoli and scamozza calzone (never have we seen a calzone this big, especially as it was packed full of the delicious filling!)  If you decide to visit Double Zero and you finish yours in one sitting without taking the rest home then we will be mightily impressed.  The Vulcano was just as sizable and came out how it was promised, packed with a kick, meaty and a base cooked to perfection.  The nduja sausage was the star topping, melting across the pizza allowing us to get a bit of everything in each delightful slice. 

We have to say this was some of the best pizza we have ever eaten, whether it be outside Italy or in the country famous for the food itself.  The dough is made fresh on site daily, allowed to ferment for a minimum of 48 hours and then cooked in their wood-fired oven shipped all the way from Naples, clearly a key contributor to the flavour and texture. 

The staff in Double Zero are not only friendly and fantastic at guiding you to the right choice of pizza for your taste but the buzzing atmosphere starts with them.  We felt like we were already regular customers that they were delighted to see for the umpteenth time and service like that is priceless, it tops off the whole meal. 

This was our first experience of Double Zero and one of the most crucial questions when you eat out is would you return?  The answer is a resounding yes!  Without a shadow of a doubt, we are hooked and will now be regulars. 

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