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Takeaways in Manchester

Sometimes you just feel like sitting on the sofa and gorging on food that you haven't had to prepare yourself. We've got a guide of takeaways in Manchester that is bound to have something that takes your fancy.

With Deliveroo and Uber Eats the options for takeaways are better than ever, put on top of that your usual Dominos and Papa Johns, it makes things a tough decision. To help you out here are a few options for takeaways in Manchester: 

Domino's Manchester


Type of Food: Pizza

How to Order: Online or through the Domino's app

About: Famous for their two for Tuesdays, combo deals, huge varieties of toppings and styles, Domino's has become one of the go to takeaways across the country. Manchester is no different with a number dotted around for you to order from. We are always a stuffed crust, potato wedges and of course extra garlic dip kind of people.

Find out where your local store is and more information by clicking here.

The Restaurant Bar & Grill

The Restaurant Bar & Grill

Type of Food: British, Seafood, Vegetarian, Steak

How to Order: Deliveroo

About: Situated very central in the city The Restaurant Bar and Grill offers a menu with a wide variety of dishes to choose from which makes it a great choice when there is a group of you. With items such as skewered chicken souvlaki, crispy duck, fish and chips plus some fresh veg sides you can really get it all. Not the type to be full after a main? Then you don't have to worry as they have some excellent dessert choices to round off the meal.

View the menu and order your meal by clicking here.

Grand Daddy's Diner

Grand Daddy's Diner

Type of Food: Burgers

How to Order: Uber Eats

About: Grand Daddy's Diner offer a true American experience with some big hearty burgers, buffalo wings, nachos and so much more. If you're looking for a big burger to kick back and relax with, this is the place to you. Not only that, Grand Daddy's have a huge range of milkshakes and one of the largest selection of American drinks you will have seen. Cans of Mountain Dew, Fanta flavours you won't have seen before and the classics like root beer.

View the menu and order here.

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