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5 Places To Visit For National Cocktail Day in Manchester

5 Places To Visit For National Cocktail Day in Manchester

Surely one of everyone's favourite days of the year, National Cocktail Day is here! A day where we've got an excuse to have a cocktail or two, so here's our list of some of the best places to grab a cocktail in Manchester.

National Cocktail Day may fall on a Sunday but why should that stop us? We thought we would put together a little guide to help you find some places to visit for National Cocktail Day in Manchester or maybe just anytime you fancy a a good drink as these places nail them. 

1. Bring & Mix Manchester 

A night at Bring & Mix doesn’t fall exactly on National Cocktail Day but when it comes to cocktails these guys take it to the next level so we couldn’t leave them out. You bring the spirits and they mix them. Trust us when we say this concept is unique, incredible and will have you coming back time and time again. These guys know what they're doing. 

You’ll try cocktails that you won’t find on any menu around the city as well as any classics if you fancy a particular drink. Whether it’s bottles of booze from the back of the cupboard or some of your favourite tipples, anything will work. Just make sure you book so you have the secret password to get in. For how to book click here.

2. Speak In Code 

This late-night cocktail bar is one of the newer venues around town after opening six months ago and if you haven’t been yet, you’re in for a treat. Hidden away, this secret venue will have you sipping on some experimental drinks that will go down a storm. The bar is a Jazz and Hip-Hop fusion bar or Jazz-Hop as they like to call it and the focus is on the creation of top-quality drinks, music and all-round good atmosphere. 

If you like your cocktails, then this is a place for you. 

3. Revolucion De Cuba 

The famous rum bar around town, with plenty of classics done well. If you keep your eye out for the very popular Revs De Cuba happy hour you can find yourselves getting 2 for 1 on those delicious serves. With the Latin-inspired small plates and décor you feel yourself wanting those holiday style cocktails straight away. Feeling a bit peckish too? The menu has a variety of tasty treats from small plates to large dishes that will have you ready for more cocktails straight after. 

4. Arcane 

The cocktail connoisseurs of the city will already know all about Arcane. Situated on South King Street the bar has been making waves for a few years now and is a stunning venue to enjoy some of your favourite drinks. Known as a cosy place for an elegant drink but without being pretentious, Arcane is the perfect fit for a Manchester drinker. The cocktails themselves have some flair, not just your typical drink, so be prepared to try something new and absolutely love it. 

5. Wood & Company 

This classy venue, also on South King Street, is suitable for all occasions and events but what we really want to know about is the cocktails. In a day and age where cocktails seem to get more elaborate in presentation, simple seems to be underrated, not at Wood & Co. Their cocktails focus on the flavour makeup and boy do they pack a punch, get yourselves down there and you will see exactly what we mean. 

Bring and Mix Manchester

Bring and Mix - Manchester

Bring and Mix Manchester is a cocktail experience like no other, you bring the spirits and they mix them.

Junipers, 514 Wilbraham Road, Chorlton, Manchester, M21 9AW

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