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Manchester's Most Unique Cocktail Experience

Manchester's Most Unique Cocktail Experience

One of Chorlton’s best kept secrets and Manchester’s most unique cocktail experience. Bring and Mix Manchester is for those who love their cocktails, those who thought they didn’t, those who love to try something new and those who usually stick to the classics.

Bring and Mix works for everyone. The concept is simple but genius, you bring, and they mix. 

Just book your Friday or Saturday night slot to receive the secret password (you can’t get cheeky; it changes every week and trust us there’s no guessing it).  

Turn up at your allotted two-hour time slot with any bottles of spirits you want, whether they’re dug out from the back of your cupboards as you didn’t know to do with them or a bottle of your favourite drink. You can bring as many as you want, it’s encouraged! 

Take your seat and let the expert mixologists take over. They will check for any allergies, flavours you just don’t like and what you typically like to drink, don’t worry if you’re like us and say “umm..... we drink everything.” 

Now just let the conversation in your group flow as it’s a complete table service experience, the mixologists head off to create you a unique drink from your spirits and their fresh juices, botanicals, homemade syrups, bitters, garnishes and pretty much everything else you can think of. You can see where the name comes from right?! 

The mixologist that created your drink will bring them over and explain what they’ve created, hapy to answer any questions and delve into the detail but then leave you to be blown away before returning and asking your thoughts. Their knowledge is so vast that they will take on board all comments and use them to create your next unique cocktail. 

Then the process repeats. Your cocktail knowledge will expand throughout and in our experience all our drinks would not be found on a cocktail menu across the city, some of them were even flavours we would have never thought would work. They didn’t just work, they became new favourites for us! 

We will let you into a little secret, mixologist Olly has an After Eight Shot and a Chocolate Cake Shot which cap off the evening superbly. If you ask extra nice, he might be able to make you some. 

There’s a reason Bring and Mix Manchester is now number one on Trip Advisor for nightlife across the city and its most definitely Manchester’s most unique cocktail experience. At just £20 per person it’s amazing value. We sat back and thought, how much would we have spent to get five or more high quality cocktails on a Friday or Saturday night in other venues (and they would be ordered off a menu not made specifically to our taste)! 

You can book your place at Bring & Mix Manchester by clicking here! 

Bring and Mix Manchester

Bring and Mix - Manchester

Bring and Mix Manchester is a cocktail experience like no other, you bring the spirits and they mix them.

Junipers, 514 Wilbraham Road, Chorlton, Manchester, M21 9AW

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