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TGT Meets... Bring & Mix

TGT Meets... Bring & Mix

We recently popped into Bring & Mix Manchester the 1920's themed secret cocktail bar to catch up with their incredibly talented mixologists, talking all things Manchester and cocktails.

Names: Olly, Marie & Mitch 

Role: Mixologists 

Describe Bring & Mix in one sentence.

Olly: A cocktail experience that will have you coming back. 
Marie: Having fun whilst experimenting. 
Mitch: Everything you’ve ever had but with a twist! 

What is the most enjoyable part of your job?

Olly: Interaction and communication with the customers and the ability to give everyone a stunning experience. 
Marie: For me it would be mainly seeing people enjoying my creations, especially when you’re challenging what they thought they would like. 
Mitch: I’d say the creative freedom, to have the ability to broaden your drinking experiences. 

And what about the most challenging? 

Olly: When working with a singular potent liquor, it can be great fun but of course you just want to make the customer happy with the drink provided.
Marie: I have to agree with Olly but also when people bring spirits from other countries that we don’t quite understand the flavour make-up, we are all left experimenting.  That challenge is so enjoyable though! 
Mitch: The guys have nailed it there, since you have all the freedom there’s a lot of pressure, you need to provide for the customer.  If we have tough mixing spirits, it makes me rise to the challenge. 

What is your favourite spirit(s) to work with and why? 

Olly: Whiskey and Mezcal for sure. Just because they are huge flavours and big flavours are so much fun to work with, you can build on the existing flavour and work the drink around that to elevate the drink to the next level.
Marie: Gin and rum.  They’re so diverse and easy to create something from the base flavour! 
Mitch: I’m pretty similar to Olly here, I would say tequila or whiskey because that’s what I like to drink so when customers bring those in I know they usually have a similar palate to me. 

Do you have a favourite cocktail? Or maybe a specialty that will have us wanting more? 

Olly: I appreciate any cocktail done well but if I were to go into a venue right at this moment my cocktail of choice would be a boulevardier.  Simply because I love whiskey and the crisp sharp flavours of a negroni. 
Marie: I like imaginative cocktails so not necessarily what you’ll see on a menu.  Any bartender who can challenge my palate or just enjoy making the drink is my kind of thing. 
Mitch: It has to be a Manhattan!  Come on, it’s just the best cocktail around! 

Is Bring & Mix just for small groups or can it be booked for a large group or corporate? 

Olly: We can probably answer this all together.  We love group bookings, there’s even the option to book the entire venue out for corporate parties, hen or stag parties, birthdays or it could just be a big group of friends catching up with the full cocktail experience.  Full venue hire also comes with a reduced rate! 

How do you like to spend your time off? 

Olly: Study study and more studying, as a student that’s what I’ve got to do, plus I love learning about the combination of drinks that work.  Other than drinks, it’s all about travelling, sport and music for me. 
Marie: Like Olly I love to travel, Belgium in particular but anywhere that has a great cultural scene and is just different from what people experience here. 
Mitch: Eating, trying new drinks and travelling, as simple as that! 

Where’s your favourite place to eat out in Manchester? 

Olly: My favourite place just because it is awesome, Northern Soul grilled cheese, it has a basic concept but with huge flavours and I also really want to try out Bundobust as I’m a vegetarian. 
Marie: Cocktails Beer Ramen Bun in the Northern Quarter is amazing or Bundobust, if you haven’t been then check them out! 
Mitch: Oh man easy! Chakalaka is just the best, you’ve got to go. 

Who is your favourite famous Mancunian? 

Olly: This is so difficult, the amount of people from Manchester that have done incredible things is just insane!
Marie: It’s just too hard to choose, coming from abroad I just respect the pure talent in Manchester and I love being part of it every day. 
Mitch: Frederic C. Williams, he helped make the Manchester Mark 1, just really impressive. 

Describe Manchester in three words: 

Olly: Cold cultural experience 
Marie: Diverse accepting community 
Mitch: One amazing community 

Why should people choose Bring & Mix? 

Olly: You don’t get disappointed.  We create drinks for you rather than buying what you think you might like. 
Marie: It’s a change from the norm.  It’s smaller, more personable, like being at home with a twist. 
Mitch: It’s unique, you only get this experience at Bring and Mix! 

Finally, when can people book to visit Bring & Mix? 

Mitch: We are open every Friday and Saturday night but make sure you book as you’re going to need the secret password to get in! 
Marie: We look forward to seeing you soon! 

You can book your place at Bring & Mix by clicking here!


Bring and Mix Manchester

Bring and Mix - Manchester

Bring and Mix Manchester is a cocktail experience like no other, you bring the spirits and they mix them.

Junipers, 514 Wilbraham Road, Chorlton, Manchester, M21 9AW

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