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Yard & Coop: Review

Yard & Coop: Review

We recently checked out Yard & Coop’s new menu and it certainly didn’t disappoint. For those who know the brand and you know what to expect, for those that haven’t, make sure you’re hungry as you’re going to want to try it all!

The theme throughout is on point, beautiful décor, in particular the huge fox head painted on the wall to your right as you walk in, breathtakingly good. With booths around the restaurant designed to resemble coops but with a modern interior twist, it feels perfectly set up to enjoy some of the best chicken around. 

Enough about the venue, onto what you really want to know about, the food! We ordered a couple of things to get a feel for the menu. You get to pick the cut and sauce and they fry it up, serving you the finest buttermilk chicken.  

We went for chicken thighs (which are boneless and skinless) with an adobo chilli mayo and of course chicken gravy on our chips. The gravy was definitely up to northern standards, full of flavour, so much so we wanted more! The chilli mayo had a nice little kick but was still mellow enough for those who don’t like heat. Now the chicken, well the chicken is just a showstopper. Succulent, tender, moist and with a crisp coating that gave an almighty crunch when bitten into. 

Double Mac


If that wasn’t enough we just couldn’t keep our eyes off one item on the menu, The Double Mac. This is the kind of dish that dreams are made of. Creamy thick mac and cheese sandwiched between two buttermilk friend chicken breasts, crispy bacon, drizzled with both cheese and Dr Pepper BBQ sauces and finally topped with two Dr Pepper BBQ wings. This is one of those items that you specifically visit a venue for. If you think you can go even bigger than that, then the menu just keeps on giving, there’s one dish that will bring out the inner child in you (you’ll know it when you see it), just make sure you bring your A-game to tackle it. 

Overall we had a fantastic feed, whether you go big or go small, the chicken is the main event. When you rock up to Yard & Coop the front window states, ‘The Home of Buttermilk Fried Chicken’, and we wouldn’t disagree. Fast service, big portions and beautiful fried chicken, we will 100% be going back! 

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