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Review: Bunny Jackson's Chicken Wings

Review: Bunny Jackson's Chicken Wings

There is only so long you can see the Bunny Jackson’s sign “Home of the 10p wing” down on first street before you must take the plunge and test them out. That’s exactly what we did!

On a recent Friday night, we thought what better time to try out the famous chicken wings that Bunny Jackson’s offer. We took a wander down to First Street and there it was, Manchester’s Holy Grail of chicken wings with the big sign staring us down and tunes hitting our ears. We took a deep breath to prepare ourselves and took the plunge. 

We scoured the venue and found the perfect table to devour our wings, picked up a copy of the menu and began the tough decisions. By tough decisions we really mean just how many wings do we order, as we were always going to try every flavour, except the devilishly hot ones because.... well.... even the menu says don’t? (It has nothing to do with the fact the thought alone scared us). 

Now not every chicken wing is 10p but it’s far from a catch as they range from 10p to 30p per wing with the extremely hot ones priced at 50p. You’d expect the flavours to be limited for that price and that’s not the case with flavours such as; Ocho Tequila Verdita, Sailor Jerry Spiced Sesame, Jack Daniel’s Honey Mustard BBQ, Buffalo, House BBQ, Plain and Hotter Than The Sun. 

1. Plain Wing - 7/10 

We went easy on the number of plain wings with so many appetising flavours on offer and that was possibly a mistake as these were delicious, juicy, tender and packed full of flavour. They are also perfect for mopping up any sauce left over from your other choices. 

2. House BBQ Wing - 8/10 

Your classic BBQ flavours, sweet and sticky, smothered in the beautiful sauce. The thing we really loved about these was they weren’t overly sweet, we could have easily ordered more of these. 

3. Buffalo Wing - 8/10 

Another classic when it comes to chicken wings, the tangy and slightly spicy sauce, buffalo wings are a must in your order! We possibly ordered to many of these in our conquest to see how many total wings we could get through, we found the tangyness (yes that’s definitely a word) got the better of us in the end. 

4. Sailor Jerry Spiced Sesame Wing - 9/10 

With flavours that wouldn’t be out of place in an Asian restaurant, these were one of the leading choices for us. Another wing that was sweet and sticky but with more of a Chinese element than the BBQ wing and the sesame seeds really add to that. 

5. Jack Daniel’s Honey Mustard BBQ Wing - 7/10 

A very American style wing, mixing those BBQ flavours with your mustard kick. Slightly too much mustard flavour for some of us but others thought it was the perfect balance and what do we know anyway! We would still recommend them highly because if it’s your kind of flavour then they would be bang on. 

6. Ocha Tequila Verdita Wing - 10/10 

These were the biggest surprise for us, tequila is often something that is a bit like marmite, love it or hate it but boy were the flavours good on these! Tangy, citrusy, topped with beautiful coriander that adds another element. These were the winners for us and we could easily have devoured a whole plate solely of these wings. 

Now if we are honest, we would go back (and have gone back) to order every single flavour again, they are all incredible. It must be one of the best value meals out we have ever had in our lives, not just in Manchester. 

The only rule at Bunny Jackson’s is you must buy a drink, then you’re left to tuck into those succulent, tasty chicken wings. Now what are you waiting for, head on down to First Street! 

Click here to view the rest of the menu, as believe it or not, they don’t just do amazing chicken wings. 

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